What is Pine Honey?


What is Pine Honey?

What is Pine Honey?

Pine honey, also known as secretion honey, is a type of honey produced by Marchalina hellenica (Basra beetle) living in pine trees. Marchalina hellenica absorbs pine tree sap and continues its life in this way. Pine honey, produced under natural conditions in the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions, is obtained by the honey bees taking the honey flows secreted by the Basra insect and storing it in the honeycomb chamber.

General Properties of Pine Honey

This special honey has its own characteristics. The main features of pine honey are as follows:

1- Pine honey crystallizes later than other honey.

2- Its color is dark and it is distinguished by its color.

3- It has a soft taste.

4- It is less sweet than other types of honey.

5- It is rich in amino acids and enzymes.

6- There are plenty of ingredients such as pinocembrin (antioxidant found only in honey), pinobaxin (antioxidant), galaxy (antioxidant) and chirisin (antioxidant) in pine honey. Pinocembrin is an antioxidant found only in pine honey.