What is Cara Hive Honey?


What is Cara Hive Honey?

It is called KARAKOVAN BALI because it stays closed for a long time like 6 months and does not see a light as much as the head of a pin.

An important feature of Pervari Karakovan Honey is the honey it produces without any intervention in knitting baskets or karakovan made by carving the inside of a 1 meter long, 30 cm thick circular carved mulberry tree.

For this reason, the honeycomb is extremely healing as the bee weaves its own.

What makes Siirt Pervari Karakovan Honey so special is undoubtedly its high mountains and rich vegetation.

Pervari district has mountains as high as approximately 2400-3000 meters. Even its rich streams, plateaus and plains with a thousand kinds of plants and its air are a source of healing.

Beekeeping in this environment and the bees fed by these plants produce the best quality honey in the world for us humans.